• Andrew Syiek

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Observing even recent artifacts of history can be mysteriously appealing and infinitely revealing. So many interesting elements are at play within this vignette perched alongside the exterior deck of a home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Upon first glance the bright red orb in the background steals the show, though it's counterbalanced by the rusty circular bicycle wheel, the lonely baby blue rocker, the teal, vintage metal desk, and the partially hidden sign, tucked into the left corner garnering its share of curiosity. A bit of research about the rusty red, metal orb unveils the backstory for this remnant from the 1950's. The bold white letters emblazoning, "Calso Supreme" was a California Oil Company product, advertised as a new fuel with "Detergent-Action", providing an exclusive aviation compound, "Skypower" touted as a "superb new gasoline for today's cars."

There's so much surrounding us. Everything we see has a story to tell. All we have to do is stop, look, listen and learn.

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